Whistleblower Function

The whistleblower function means that all employees and everyone working for or with Storex should be able to draw attention to irregularities in the workplace in a secure and accessible manner. This includes everything from legal violations, corruption, money laundering, conflicts of interest, other criminal activities, and other violations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Reports on irregularities and misconduct, such as bribery and fraud, linked to the workplace should be of public interest for the whistleblower to be protected by the law. For complaints or minor offenses, they should follow the organization's incident procedures or express concerns to their supervisor, management, or safety representative.

As an employee at Storex, you are obligated to inform your immediate supervisor or the company's COO if you suspect irregularities as mentioned above. If, for any reason, you are not comfortable informing your immediate supervisor or COO, you should use Storex's whistleblower function.

Storex's whistleblower function operates as follows:

  1. Write a letter (anonymous if desired) with the information you want to bring to Storex's attention. You can also email (not anonymously), schedule a phone meeting, or meet in person (not anonymously).

  2. Mark the letter with the word "Whistleblower Information." Place the letter in an envelope labeled "whistleblowing" and put the envelope in Storex's reporting mailbox.

  3. Envelopes marked with whistleblowing are opened and read together by Storex's HR Generalist and COO. These individuals are obligated to investigate the information and take appropriate actions.

The person reporting should receive confirmation within seven days that the report has been received unless the person has waived the right to receive confirmation.

The reporting person should also receive feedback on the actions taken as follow-up, to a reasonable extent, in a comprehensive manner.

However, the reporting person may not always have the right to information on all actions taken as follow-up and the reasons for them, due to confidentiality and secrecy.

Feedback to Anonymous Whistleblower
Feedback is provided to all employees through bi-weekly morning meetings or weekly department meetings. Parental leave and sick leave individuals are informed via email, SMS, or phone.

Whistleblowing via Physical Meeting
Whistleblowers book a meeting with the HR Generalist to orally report. The whistleblower will be asked if it's okay for the conversation to be documented. At the same time, the method of feedback for the whistleblower is decided.

Whistleblowing via Email
Whistleblowers send an email to visselblas@storex.se, and feedback will be sent to the same email address from which the email originated.

Whistleblowing via Phone Call
Whistleblowers contact the HR Generalist by phone. The whistleblower will be asked if it's okay for the conversation to be documented. Feedback to the whistleblower occurs via a phone call.

There is no obligation or requirement for the whistleblower to use Storex's own reporting channel first.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority, the Civil Contingencies Agency, and the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection are three authorities assigned to act as an external function wherever you work.

It is strictly prohibited to retaliate or subject an employee to reprisals after submitting a whistleblower report; doing so can result in disciplinary measures, including termination. See Law (2016:749).

Contact information

Emergency phone for the Swedish Work Environment Authority 08-737 15 55 (after office hours)
Swedish Work Environment Authority 010-73 90 00
Civil Contingencies Agency 0771-240 240
Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection 08-657 61 00

Whistleblower Function/ HR-generalist 0702-447855
Mail: visselblasare@storex.se