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Does your company carry out international trade with suppliers or customers outside Sweden? If so, you probably know that customs warehousing and customs fees can be a complicated and costly aspect of your business. But worry no longer, at Storex we have the perfect solution for you.

We offer article-based customs warehousing, so you can adapt the solution to your specific needs and volumes. In addition, we take care of all export and import documents for you, which saves you time and energy that you can instead focus on increasing your sales and expanding your business.

Great Reasons to Trust Storex with Your Customs Warehousing

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    We have extensive experience in managing customs warehousing in compliance with the Customs Authority's regulations.

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    Pay taxes and duties only when your goods are sold. We assist you with the customs declaration process.

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    You have full control over your customs warehousing through our web-based inventory management system.


Our innovative inventory management system, Ongoing Warehouse, is tailored to meet all the requirements and regulations set by the Customs Authority for customs warehousing. This means you can store your untaxed goods with us without having to pay customs duties and taxes upfront, providing you with greater financial flexibility and reducing your immediate financial burden.

Storex - Experter inom 3PL, E-handelslogistik och Marknadslogistik.
Storex - Experter inom 3PL, E-handelslogistik och Marknadslogistik.

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