Storex with the support of leading partners

As a 3PL company, our success is not only a product of our dedication but also a testament to the powerful collaborations we have established with a host of industry leaders.

Our Partners

Our partners represent our strong desire to offer you the best in the industry. We are continuously working to connect more partners to continue offering the best network to you as a customer. 

When you partner with Storex, you don't just get a logistics provider – you get access to a network of expertise, innovation and reliability that ensures your business thrives in the competitive market.

Our Clients

A broad mix of industries

We are proud of all our customers who represent a large mix of industries. From fashion to consumer electronics, home furnishings to transport efficiency, the speed of FMCG to the care of pet products, Storex is the trusted partner for a wide range of companies.

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Transport partners

Reliability in every shipment

Our collaborations with carriers such as DHLUPS, Instabox, Budbee, PostNord, Bring, Airmee, Early Bird, Dachser and Schenker ensures that your goods move quickly and safely around the world. These partnerships ensure that your products reach their destination smoothly.

E-commerce platforms

An important foundation for e-commerce

As the digital landscape develops, Storex stays one step ahead through collaborations with leading e-commerce platforms such as Centra, Shopify and WooCommerce. These integrations enable a seamless transition from inventory to your online store and ensure a seamless experience for your customers.

Finance, Inventory & Optimization

Groundbreaking Solutions

An important basis for the flexible and efficient way of working we have at Storex is partnership with leading systems such as Ongoing Warehouse, nShift and byPeers digital return service, Fortnox, Specter, Visma and SAP. These collaborations create flexible solutions for Finance, Warehouse Management, Transport and Returns.

Automation & Packaging

Efficiency through the entire delivery

We constantly strive to optimize our operations and create improved opportunities for our customers. A central component lies in automation, and we have established collaborations with leading players such as Kraus and Vangby. Through our partnerships with PacsOn and Antalis we can also offer tailor-made solutions for packaging.

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