Storex offers tailored 3PL services that meet your unique needs where we take overall responsibility for our 3PL customers and create a close collaboration that promotes growth and efficiency. By being an extension of your business, we strive to understand your specific needs and deliver tailored solutions. We see ourselves as part of your team and go the extra mile to ensure your success.

In addition to inbound transportation, picking, packing, and outbound delivery to your end customers, we also handle repackaging, returns management, and quality control.

Four advantages of choosing storex as your 3pl partner

  • 01

    Outsource your logistics to Storex for rapid adaptation to demand. Our scalable solutions efficiently manage peak seasons and quieter periods.

  • 02

    With Storex as your 3PL partner, you can focus on core operations while we handle logistics, enabling growth and expansion with liberated resources.

  • 03

    Our expertise in logistics, warehouse management, and distribution networks works to your advantage. We streamline your supply chain and minimize costs.

  • 04

    With Ongoing WMS, you have full visibility into your inventory and deliveries.

Carrier-independent for the best prices

Storex manages hundreds of thousands of shipments worldwide annually. Being carrier-independent allows us to negotiate favorable shipping agreements based on our clients' combined volumes. We then select the carrier that best suits each specific flow. Additionally, we can offer bonded warehousing for added flexibility.
Storex - Experter inom 3PL, E-handelslogistik och Marknadslogistik.
Storex - Experter inom 3PL, E-handelslogistik och Marknadslogistik.

Cutting-edge technology for efficient logistics

We continuously invest in technology and system solutions to stay at the forefront. By integrating external business systems with our own warehouse management systems, we streamline processes and ensure quality. This results in variable warehousing costs, rental fees that follow your sales patterns, and favorable shipping agreements – all to create cost-effective logistics. With digitized batch and serial number management, we can guarantee high delivery quality regardless of volumes.

Your logistics centers in stockholm and gothenburg

Our logistics centers are located in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Together, we can elevate your logistics to the next level and enhance your competitiveness. Let us be your reliable 3PL partner and help you achieve new successes. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can assist you specifically.

Storex - Experter inom 3PL, E-handelslogistik och Marknadslogistik.

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